POWERLED TF-LU20 Controller Running Text Promo Murah

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Parameter Description:
product name : Tf-LU20 any partition LED control card
Features : Multi-zone any partition, a bright border, U disk update program, U disk set screen parameters , LED display asynchronous control card
U disk function :U disk support update program, U-tune brightness, U disk set screen parameters. Use files stored, does not affect the original U disk file.
Control range : Monochrome 640x16; 320 32;
Onboard Interface : 2x12 interface supports P10 single red module
Scan mode Support P10 single red module, 1/4 scan. It does not support other scanning mode.

Storage capacity : 512k bytes
Number of programs :Supports up to 200 programs, each program supports 16 regional while playing. Each graphic supports up to 200 messages. (Quantity in storage space under the premise)
Display :Rain, fountains, scrolls, etc. 45 animation effects.
Colorful border : Support a variety of Colorful border effect, support picture custom border.
Information Type Dial, clock, countdown, hypertext, colorful words (not supported by temperature and humidity).
Play Mode : Program support in turn play, regular long-player, support segment by date, time, week broadcast regularly
Time Display :Dial clock, word clock, time with seconds, adjustable font size, you can set the time zone. Support multiple time zones control display
Communication :U disk update program
Dimming :16 Brightness, support for manual brighter, supports six time timing adjustment brightness
Screen switch :Manual switch screen supports four time periods timer switch screen
Test button :Onboard test button, you can switch to test mode
Electrical parameters :+ 5V DC (4.5V ~ 6V),
Operating temperature -30 ~ 70
Physical Dimensions :59mm 38mm